We look to provide top quality to satisfy all our clientele. in our lab we use highest quality materials such as inks/ film/ screens/ etc. Give the All-stars a shot, you wont be disappointed!


Established in 2015.

All- star print lab Inc. started in a small unused bathroom in the back of a retail shop. As time went on we invested in bigger equipment and moved into a warehouse. One year after a ground floor retail shop in Ridgewood, Queens! From there on our client base has grown widely through walk-ins and word of mouth. Day by day All-star is growing business wise and in finessing our quality and trade.

Meet the Business Owner

Richard T.
Business Owner

Richard T. is an individual with big dreams and a huge passion for quality/creativity. Richard came from a retail background and studied in art school during his teenage years. He worked as a buyer in his fathers retail business and learned the ins and out of the fashion and textile trade during the time. At the age of 19 he started his own private label and fell in love with the process of screenprinting. 

Quality is one of the most important things as a designer and brand owner himself, therefor he took matter into his own hands. During the time money was scarce so left over monthly earnings were use to buy used equipment. He soon came to realized the process wasn't as easy as anyone imagined. However through countless failed attempts and thoughts of quitting, Richard did all he can to gained more knowledge in screen printing. In the year of 2015 Rich stepped out of retail and All-Star Print Lab was born.